CCT is a not-for-profit charitable trust that supports youth and adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorders in Otago and Southland to live as participating and valued members of their communities.

We recognise that all people are different therefore should be respected and supported as individuals. Our support can range from one hour per week for problem solving to 24 hour one-to-one support. Our philosophy is to work with people to find out what they want to achieve in life and then provide the support they need to get there and where possible and wanted, we support people to live within their own means in their own homes and have their own lives.

People are supported to learn and maintain skills in many different areas of life such as household management, education, communication, relationships, employment, and health and wellbeing.

Specialist support in the areas of behaviour, parenting, employment and healthy lifestyles are available to all those receiving support. CCT is also a Regional Intellectual Disability Supported Accommodation Service (RIDSAS) provider. This is support and rehabilitation for people who have committed a criminal offence and require a safe place to live and learn.