History Timeline

- Incorporated as a society called the Dunedin Aftercare Committee for ex-pupils of Special Classes. The primary goal of the committee was to assist in the transition of students leaving special education classes operating at secondary schools throughout Otago to employment and some quality of social support in the community.

1995 - Changed name to Dunedin Community Care Trust and legal structure to that of a Registered Charitable Trust. Supports 15 people to access the community for supports with shopping and appointments with one staff member.

1996 - Collaborated with the Health Foundation Authority (HFA) to develop Core and Cluster service based on models being used in Scotland due to lack of alternatives to group homes. Purchased the IABA competency based training package for all staff for supporting people with challenging behaviour. CCT adopted the IABA Multi-Element Model and their Periodic Service Review (PSR) for internal quality management.

1998 - Collaborated with the HFA to develop High and Complex Pilot Projects.

1999 - Supports 24 people with 30 staff.

2001 - Invercargill Support Centre opened.

2011 - Abbotshill Oil Change and Workshop facility opened as part of CCT’s Employment Services.

2013 - Changed trading name to CCT.

2014 - Merged with Sherwood Charitable Trust.

2015 - Supports over 260 people in Otago and Southland with over 200 staff.