Behaviour Specialists

The Behaviour Specialist Team’s philosophy is consistent with Positive Behaviour Support practices and we use the IABA (Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis) Multi-Element Model to guide our interventions. This means that we work pro-actively to get people’s living and working environment right, and teach skills that help people live more independently. Our evidence based and pro-active approach is a strength of our behaviour support and we believe our services deal with less crisis than services that only utilize reactive strategies.

Behaviour Specialists and Interns cover a variety of roles such as: designing individual behaviour programmes, providing staff training, conducting and disseminating research and providing support to staff in other CCT teams.

Healthy Lifestyles

We actively encourage health and wellbeing through the following Healthy Lifestyles programmes:

For people we support:

  • Annual 'OK' Health Check and follow-up Health Action Plans
  • Nutrition and healthy eating
  • Primary health voucher programme for subsidised GP visits
  • Direct referral pathways to primary mental health counselling support

For both people we support and staff:

  • Healthy workplace challenges
  • In-house gym facility with individualised programs and access to a personal trainer
  • Smoking cessation

For staff:

  • Healthy Workplace Meetings. An opportunity for healthy workplace representatives from across services to seek opportunities to improve health and wellbeing of the workforce.

We receive no government funding for our work in healthy lifestyles and rely on support from donors to be able to provide people support for annual health screening and action plans.

Access and Eligibility

Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss how to go about accessing support. or contact the main office on 03 466 3055.