Strengthening Relationships with Families

Posted Monday March 25, 2019

This February at our Think Big Lunches the Community Care Trust gathered ideas from staff and the people supported on how we can realize this goal. People supported by the Community Care Trust talked about their ideas on how we can work with, and involve their families, while Staff brainstormed ways in which we can strengthen relationships with families.

There were five action points that arose from the Think Big Lunch that we are currently looking at how we can implement throughout 2019:

1.    Develop a framework/guidelines to working in partnership with families:

  • to empower direct staff to work with families with confidence and have autonomy to initiate, develop, and maintain relationships with family. Included here are current practices of the Community Care Trust (communication agreement; sharing of support agreement etc.). Note, this is all done when the person indicates that they would like their family/whanau/person networks involved.

2.    Involving family in supports: to integrate working with families as part of regular support duties. Ideas here included, that when the person wants to:

  • Offering family members the opportunity to come along and “observe” on a support to see what happens
  • Make it more accepted and common that family are included in support times e.g. if going to the beach pick up Mum and bring her along,
  • Look at venues of meetings e.g. if family members want PPM’s etc. in their homes instead of at the CCT,
  • Emails of introduction when a new support worker joins a person’s support team;
  • Creating opportunities for informal meet and greet with families.
  • Maintaining regular contact with family

3.    Sharing information about the Community Care Trust with Families: establishment of Community Care Trust Welcome Packs for Families that include:

  • information about Role of the Support Worker,
  • role of Keyworker,
  • role of Team Leader,
  • role of Behavior Specialist,
  • one page profiles of all staff working with team,
  • simple explanation of the concepts of consent and privacy principles that may limit communication; a copy of the family newsletter.

4.    Support and training for support workers:

  • Family facilitation training
  • Encourage all staff to complete the Open Future Learning module on working with families

Any feedback or suggestions please message Anna Tsukigawa on Flowlogic, or email