Andrew Forsyth - Commis Chef for Kingsgate Hotel

Posted Wednesday April 3, 2019

I am a Commis Chef for Kingsgate Hotel. I have just completed six months of employment. I started working three evenings a week, and increased to four evenings recently. Our Head Chef is going away on leave and I have been asked to work five evenings per week.

The Head Chef is very supportive, he is teaching me new skills such as Maintaining workplace safety and hygiene, as well as teaching me to make more items from the menu.

My main duties are: Cleaning dishes and silverware, plating up desserts and general help with sides (salads, chips ex)

I believe gaining work has given me more confidence and I enjoy taking more responsibilities around the kitchen and learning new skills.

Overall, I am very happy having this job and am grateful to CCT for getting me out there and working!