Flow Logic Tips and Tricks

Posted Wednesday January 6, 2021

Tool Tips and Bookmarks

Tool Tips

Did you know that the blue circle with a question mark in throughout FlowLogic are Tool Tips? 

To read the tip, hover over the circle with the mouse and a box will appear directly above the circle.

We can add or adjust the tool tips at any time to increase clarity.

New Tool Tips will be in the Multi-Element Model form soon, this form is in the Person section under the Support and Planning tab.


Bookmarks can be added in FlowLogic to get you to records faster.

If you can bookmark a record it will have this icon towards the top right of the screen:

This will be next to the site name, printer icon, PDF icon and send record icon:

Click the bookmark and it will change to having a purple background

Refresh the browser and it will be added to your Quick Access/Bookmarks list on the right hand side of the screen:

For example, you may want to bookmark the people you are the Key Worker for.

To remove a bookmark, just re-click on the purple icon changing it back to grey and then refresh your browser.