CCT recognises that our staff are our biggest asset, and that it is only through them that we can offer quality outcomes.  They set us apart from other organisations, place us in a leadership position within our sector and it has always been our intention that CCT is the employer of choice.

In line with our values we have also developed a number of principles to achieve this, as well as to act as an invaluable guide to positive behaviour and be at the very centre of our work place culture.

These principles are:

  • Connect with curiosity, purpose and impact
  • Encourage and challenge our staff to seek out new responsibilities and opportunities within and outside of their roles
  • Continually invest and prioritise personal development and training with the future in mind
  • Cultivate an environment which embraces change, innovation, creativity where risks are prepared to be taken
  • Enjoy, recognise and celebrate
  • An environment where people enjoy coming to work and being at work whilst recognising the seriousness of the responsibilities they have
  • Recognise, reward and celebrate success in a way that encourages positive behaviour and builds engagement and reinforces our positive culture
  • Empower, trust and leadership
  • Encourage staff and teams to take ownership and pride in their performance
  • We will do this through delegating authority whilst retaining personal accountability and responsibility.
  • This will build trust and confidence throughout the organisation, and encourage leadership at all levels
  • Lead with integrity, consideration and challenge
  • We will foster and encourage regular, open and constructive communication throughout the organisation regardless of position, experience or time served
  • We will engage in difficult conversations, telling it how it is whilst being empathetic, respectful, honest and mindful of the impact
  • We will encourage all staff to stand up for what they believe and promote healthy debate
  • Feedback will always be delivered in a format designed to increase confidence and competence


Staff Thoughts On Working at CCT