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Important. A minimum five year work history is a mandatory requirement. If you do not have a five year work history please tick “Unavailable” and provide details below.

Include all positions held for the last 5 years beginning with the most recent.

Company / Organisation Position held Key tasks and achievements From To


List names and contact details of people who can be contacted for a recent work reference. At least one should be a Supervisor, Team Leader or Manager whom you have worked for. Family/whanau or friends are not accepted as referees.

Company / Organisation Contact person Contact number Contact email Relationship (e.g. Supervisor)

Working with us

Successful applicants will receive training and orientation, professional supervision and ongoing opportunities for further professional development including both internal and external training.

Our own internal training package has required timeframes for each module and is outlined in the employment agreement.

We also provide an orientation programme which all new staff are required to attend.

Other Considerations

Health Details

Criminal Details

The position you are applying for could involve working with children/youth and vulnerable adults and, in line with our Safer Recruitment practice, will be vetted to the appropriate level relevant to the position. This includes the requirements detailed in the Vulnerable Children Act (2014), and government contracts with which we comply.

Note: It is your responsibility to disclose all criminal and traffic records that are not eligible for concealment under the Criminal Records Act 2004. If you are not sure whether your records are covered by this scheme, you must contact the Ministry of Justice, or refer to their website.

Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004

Other Files

NOTE: If you are having issues uploading documents please give Community Care Trust Support a call on +64 3 466 3055


Note: The declaration of a minor offence does not necessarily mean that employment will not be granted. However, the non-declaration of any offence that you are required to disclose will be seen as a misrepresentation of a criminal record and treated accordingly.

I certify that the information given on this application form and any accompanying documentation is full and correct. I understand that if any false/misleading information is given or any material fact suppressed, I may be disqualified from consideration or, if appointed, then my employment may be terminated.

I further understand that any offer of employment is conditional on the return of the NZ/Australian Police vetting and CYRAS vetting check to the satisfaction of CCT. Should there be any convictions of a serious nature such as violence, dishonesty or fraud, this may lead to Community Care Trust terminating my employment. I understand if offered a position with CCT it will be provisional until such time this report has been received.