Strategy/Intentions for the People

Our vision is of a world full of connected communities that truly values and celebrates diversity. Our principles in relation to the people guide our interactions and direct our decisions in support of this vision. These principles are:

Self determination

Everyone has the right to determine their own life

Genuine Partnership

CCT will work in Genuine partnerships with people to ensure they remain in charge of their own lives and have the right support

Mana Enhancing

We will ensure we empower people through confidence creating and mana enhancing practices that values the contributions of the person and their families

Community First

We will focus on access to community based or generic supports. A full exploration of existing community options occurs before separate supports.

Strategy for our Organisation

It has long been CCT’s intention to constantly reflect and challenge our service delivery and design to keep our focus on supporting the person to get the best outcomes for themselves. 
The strategy from 2015 - 2018 will look to build on this tradition and strengthen that commitment. We have developed a number of principles to ensure we achieve this:

Remember our points of difference

These are numerous and varied, but are based around providing a life like everyone else.  We don’t own people's homes and therefore don’t have vacancies and allocated bed nights.  We don’t collect people benefits, feed staff or subsidise peoples standard of living.  We only provide staff support, and always look to access community based supports first

Quality of service remains the priority

Whilst we will continue to focus on quality outcomes for people, we will recognise and take appropriate opportunities for growth


CCT aims to encourage leadership in everyone at all levels of the organisation. Much of good leadership is about what we do and how we behave towards each other. Leadership is about accepting personal responsibility for improved outcomes, and ensuring that as a whole we are doing the right things at the right time for the right reasons. We encourage all staff to exhibit good leadership by participating and contributing to organisational decision-making processes, by acting in a manner consistent with the values and priorities of the organisation, by communicating and informing key people who influence and make decisions and by contributing their unique perspective to team and organisational decisions


A positive workplace culture is crucial in our ability to provide great outcomes and retain our best staff. Like leadership this is everyone’s responsibility and everyone benefits from it


Through leadership and innovation we will advocate and educate for a world that truly values and celebrates diversity


We will leverage off our strengths and points of difference, building on our history of intentional non-marketing as part of our story in order to raise the profile of CCT.