Julie Carruthers

Service Manager - Central Lakes District

Much of my career prior to moving to Central 5 years ago has been managing Rest Homes and Hospital Care facilities in the private, public and charitable sectors.

I have achieved a Post Graduate qualification in Social Services so working with individuals and groups from all walks of life is not new to me. I have had past experience with Children’s and Young Persons and Woman’s Refuge. My Dip Grad was in Community and Family Studies.

Although my history is not specific to persons with learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder I have many attributes which should transfer well. It is so important to me that people accessing services have the best possible experience and that we do all we can to empower them to ensure they have the best possible shot at reaching their full potential, whatever that may be.

My Partner Brent and I have had a busy five years moving to Central, building our home and developing our section which was covered in large pine trees. We have four children,  3 of whom are independent adults and our youngest attending high school in Dunedin.