Sandy Baird

Human Resources Administrator

Sandy’s life began in the big smoke of Auckland, at 11 years old her family made the move to Dunedin where she and her husband eventually raised a beautiful family of their own. She is a woman with many good traits and she loves her sports including rugby, V8’s and netball.

Sandy has a passion for encouraging people in the community to find and strengthen their abilities and has a family member who is supported by CCT.  This, combined with her experience, is what attracted her to apply for the role and bring a different perspective than just an employee.

She says, “I enjoy the fact that we all have a common purpose of being supportive and encouraging to people in our community. I love the open door policy which makes people feel valued. I hope to see the fun and relaxed environment continue and the sounds of laughter which brighten a room more than the sun does”.

“My one wish is to make a difference” - Sandy Baird